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Hotel sharia is  a building that is commercially available to the public for guests who want to get the service to stay with sharia system that is in accordance with the provisions -ketentuan described by the Qur'an, As-Sunnah, ijma, Fatwa Ulama, etc.
Hotel sharia is increasingly  in demand by today's society to be able to meet the criteria in accordance with the provisions of sharia. In this case, the MUI Fatwa is needed as a power law of sharia hotel. Islamic hotels is currently still not become a pure hotel Shariah compliance, there are still many shortcomings that must be addressed primarily from manajamen and facilities. Hotel amenities islamic sharia is appropriate at this time is still in the form of prayer materials in each room, the provision of prayer rooms, and the absence of non unclean food in the hotel restaurant. For other facilities are still not maximized.

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